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Hunter Livery

Hunter Livery

Option One : Full Hunter Livery

Spinney View Farm enjoys the benefits of being situated in close proximity to the Fernie, Cottesmore, Quorn and Woodland Pytchely.

We understand the demands placed on our clients’ time and are therefore able to offer a fabulous livery package for those who enjoy riding to hounds, catering for all your needs.

  • Hay or Haylage
  • Bedding
  • Morning Muck Out
  • Skip throughout the Day
  • Basic Hard Feed As Required (Clients are asked to provide supplements)
  • Administering of Hard Feed and Hay As Required
  • Ridden Exercise (to include schooling and lunging, if required)
  • Grooming, Clipping and Trrimming by experienced staff
  • Up to Twice Daily Use of Horse Walker
  • Year Round Turnout (weather permitting)
  • Bring In With Leg Wash and Picking Out Feet
  • Rug Changing As Required
  • Weekly Tack Cleaning
  • Launder of saddlecloths/ numnahs and boots as required
  • Farrier and Vet assistance
  • Organisation of rug wash & repair
  • Full Use of Facilities
  • Horsebox/ Trailer Parking
  • Preparation for Hunting ( Grooming, Plaiting & Tack-up ready for your collection)
  • Care after the days hunting – Bath, Dry off, Rugged and Fed
  • Tack Cleaning After Hunting

Option Two : Delux Hunter Livery

Delux Hunt livery to include all of our Full Hunt livery, 7 days a week.

It also includes:

  • Transport To and From a Hunt Meet
  • We will ensure your horse arrives at the meet immaculately presented and ready to be mounted and ridden away. After a day in the saddle, we will also be waiting to take over the reins, leaving you time to socialise.

Due to the seasonal nature of hunting, there is the option for clients to move to the Grass Livery Package out of season. (1 st May to 1 st October)

NOTE: All horses at Spinney View Farm are to be included on our worming programme and must be fully vaccinated with passport.