Spinney View Farm Hallaton, LE16 8UP
Tel: 01858 555356 Mob: 07986 515519

Full livery

Full livery
  • Hay or Haylage
  • Bedding
  • Morning Muck Out
  • Skip throughout the Day
  • Basic Hard Feed As Required (Clients are asked to provide supplements)
  • Administering of Hard Feed and Hay As Required
  • Ridden and/or lunging exercise
  • Horse walker supervision
  • Year Round Turnout (weather permitting)

    Bring In With Leg Wash and Picking Out Feet

  • Rug Changing As Required
  • Weekly Tack Cleaning
  • Launder of saddlecloths/ numnahs and boots as required
  • Groom / upkeep mane, tail & feather
  • Farrier and Vet assistance
  • Clipping at reduced rates
  • Organisation of rug wash & repair
  • Full Use of Facilities
  • Horsebox/ Trailer Parking

NOTE: All horses at Spinney View Farm are to be included on our worming programme and must be fully vaccinated with passport.